Choose from several Horning corn mill options. The versatile high moisture corn shredder effectively bags, blows, or augers your corn with ease. Join other beef cattlemen, dairymen, and feed mills who love the maximum efficiency and power of stationary Horning roller mills or shredder mills.

High Moisture Corn Shredder

Without the limitations of a roller mill and hammer mill, this high-moisture corn shredder chows through corn faster while using less horsepower. Use the same machine to blow your corn into a silo, bag it, or auger it into a trench.

Roller Mills

Let’s get cracking! Horning’s electric corn cracker gives you maximum efficiency in space and power. Horning electric roller mills are available in three sizes with multiple motor options 1ph and 3ph. Enjoy reliable, easy-adjustable, and customizable roll configurations fine-tuned to your application. Get more out of your roller mill with Horning replacement mill rolls.

Replacement Roller Mill Rolls

You got a roller mill? We’ve got the rolls to give your grain roller mill new life! Choose from several options of Horning replacement mill rolls. If you can’t find one to fit your roller mill, we will custom build it for you.