The Horning family knows cows. And corn.

Three generations of nurturing fine milk cows on the family dairy in Pennsylvania has engrained a deep understanding of these amazing creatures into Leon Horning and his sons.

Dairymen at heart, the Horning family are relentless innovators in mind. This family passion has become the driving force and company culture of Horning Manufacturing.

In the fall of 1997, Leon Sr. went to his farm shop and created his first set of kernel processing rolls for his forage harvester. As news of his success got around the neighborhood, fellow dairymen began to line up to get their own set of KP rolls.

Months passed. Innovations multiplied. Orders grew. And Horning Manufacturing was born.

Horning Manufacturing continues to innovate forage equipment and processes. Our products are constantly improving and expanding. They are built tough and simple. They are built to be highly effective and user friendly.

That’s a little of our story. But it is not our story that matters – it is yours.

We understand the critical importance of each player in our industry: the dairy owners, the nutritionists who advise them, the custom harvesters and equipment operators who supply them, and equipment dealers who support them.

You are the heroes of our industry. It is our passion to serve you with innovation that makes your job easy and optimizes your productivity and profitability.

We are dead serious about quality. Quality engineering, quality materials, and quality manufacturing integrity so you can count on:

  • Long life and reliable performance.
  • Best kernel processing that tops the charts for dairy nutrition.
  • Farmer-focused sales, service, and education ecosystem.

We go the extra mile to equip you with everything you need to succeed.

Today. And in the future.

Let’s roll.