Horning 3-Row Rotary Corn Head
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Horning 3-Row Row-independent corn head

Win the Marathon Year after Year

From premium quality construction materials and components to over-engineered ruggedness to the purposeful minimization of moving parts, this unit is built for the marathon. This corn head keeps right with you all through the long days and short nights of harvest season.

Aerial shot of Horning 3-row rotary corn head in action

High Performance, Any Way You Slice It

Choose your own path. This corn head cuts any direction for ultimate speed and flexibility in taking home the forage. The row-independent cutter design means you can conquer point rows, tight spots, and more from any direction. What’s more, we’ve heard reports of gaining a tractor gear when switching from a competitive head to this hungry animal. Now that’s performance!

3-row rotary corn head gearbox detail

Problem Free Gearboxes

Equipped with five super-duty gearboxes, the power drive assembly muscles through the most strenuous conditions with ease! Virtually problem free, the gearboxes are designed for excellent load transfer efficiency.

3-row rotary corn head gears detail
Note: the gearbox in the photo is a cutaway for display purposes.
Closeup shot of Horning 3-row rotary corn head in action

Say Goodbye to Gathering Chains

Chains can be a real headache, especially gathering chains on corn heads. That’s why we eliminated them. And we stepped up the action, the circular action that is, with carbide-tipped cutting blades that feed the beast with ease. Simple. Clean. Headache-free. Goodbye, aspirin.

Cut Small Grains Too!

Want to direct cut small grains? No problem! Breeze through wheat, oats, barley, and rye. A simple sprocket change is all that you need to speed up the head.

Low Maintenance, High Momentum.

This machine was created to keep you in the field longer and at the shop less. Every aspect of the design and engineering keeps it simple and reduces maintenance to the lowest possible denominator so you can keep your momentum rolling.

Rest Easy with our Solid Warranty

We believe in our products. You can, too. Our workmanship and materials are covered for a whole year with our standard warranty. Our gearbox design is the best and boasts a 3-year warranty.

Fits ‘Em All (Except the Small Ones)

Ready to take your chopping to the next level and finish harvest early? John Deere®, New Holland®, Gehl®, and Dion® . . . the three-row Horning head fits any pull-type forage harvester that can handle what the three-row will feed it. Your new Horning head is delivered ready to run, specific for your machine.


Width: 88”

Weight: 2020 lbs.

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