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The Horning Family Knows Cows

For decades, The Horning family have been dairymen. As their operation grew, they began to seek ways to increase profitability by providing their cows with more nutrients from the same amount of silage. The ingenious solution? Designing a new kind of kernel processing roll!

These forage harvester rolls are engineered to tear and shred the corn for optimal digestion and maximum nutrition. Today Horning Manufacturing continues to innovate forage processing equipment.

Thousands of farmers and operators like you benefit from Horning’s kernel processing kits and corn heads on their forage harvesters. Beef cattlemen, dairymen, and feed mills efficiently crank out high-quality cracked corn with Horning corn roller mills. Highly effective and user-friendly, Horning forage processing equipment helps you get the job done and move on to the next.

Industry pioneers. Relentless innovation. International excellence.

Hard at work for you.

Tractor with pull behind harvester harvesting corn

The Fibertech processor I purchased was a huge improvement to my corn silage harvest. It was easy to install, and directions were laid out well. Adjusting the rolls using only one wrench makes it easy to switch back to haylage harvest. The processor does an excellent job shredding and processing. I have used every processor on the market and the Fibertech processor is at the top. Thank you for a quality product.

Josh Steiner

Happy equipment owner of Horning MFG

We really like the way the new Horning heads perform in all crop conditions. Wear points are easily serviced, and breakdowns have been few. Service is minimal and all bearings are greaseable. We are very pleased with the head so far.

Steven Bach

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