Engineered overachievers. Proven market leaders. Horning forage processing rolls are flat-out top performers. Advanced, nutrition-optimized aftermarket kernel processors for forage harvests of any scale. Impressive mill solutions. You’ll smile all the way to the barn (and the bank).

Designed to fit John Deere®, Krone®, New Holland®, Claas®, Scherer®, and Shredlage® machines

Sawtooth Roll

The sawtooth design was an enhancement to the original straight-tooth design. It adds a tearing action instead of smashing.

Superior crop mat penetration compared to competing sawtooth options.

Power efficient.

Can be used on older, lower-power machines.

Process kernels in one dimension.

Less stalk processing than grooved designs.

Less strain on your machine.

Runs in speed differentials ranging from 20-40%

Fibertech Chevron Roll

Horning’s patented design leading the industry in kernel processsing effectiveness.

Superior crop mat penetration at any chop length.

Most intense kernel processing design on the market.

Utilizes hi-capacity sawtooth profile for standard forage processing applications.

Process kernels in multiple dimension, tearing while shearing sideways with the groove pattern.

Less strain on your machine. End strain comes from a single direction groove pattern designs in competing brands.

Runs in speed differentials ranging from 30-50%.

Crop mat feed-through is efficient, allowing maximum performance at a minimum of wear

Straight Tooth Roll

Straight tooth rolls were the original KP roll design in the industry using crimping action to process kernels by crushing.

This tooth configuration is primarily used in the milling industry.

This tooth in a fine tooth-count is used in conjunction with the Fibertech Chevron pattern for small-grain, whole-crop processing applications.

Tooth configurations for nearly any application and size of milling need.

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