Virginia Corn Harvest Statistics

In 2021 Virginia farmer’s once again held steady at 120,000 acres planted for corn silage. Grain corn acres came in at 370,000 acres, which was down from 420,000 acres in 2020.

The 2021 Virginia state average harvest yield for corn silage was estimated to be 17.0 tons per acre in 2021, which was the same as the previous year. The USDA states a total of 2,040,000 tons of corn silage was harvested in the state during the 2021 harvest season.

Improving Harvest ROI

While Virginia may not lead the nation in corn production, harvesting slightly over 2 million tons of corn silage is a big undertaking, with potential for many farmers to be shortchanged on their ROI. Horning Mfg is committed to innovating the success of Virginia farmers to assure they reap the best return on their investment.

Innovating Forage Harvesting with Row-Independent Corn Heads

Horning row-independent corn heads are a farmer's best friend in achieving a better return on investment. Using our corn head on your corn silage harvester allows you to cut corners and keep moving, no more fancy maneuvers necessary.

Are you looking for a reliable, high-production head that is big on performance and easy on the wallet? Our 2 row head is built at the peak of both performance and economy. Is versatile, fast, and pushing the envelope on high productivity more your style? Then our 3 row corn head is for you.

Don’t let the name fool you, our row-independent corn head is designed to harvest corn and a variety of other grains. Not needing to switch heads every time you switch grain will save you time and money.

Horning row-independent corn heads are designed to fit John Deere®, New Holland®, Dion® and Gehl® pull-type harvesters.

Innovating for Maximum Durability

Maximum Durability Corn Head Gearbox

Getting tired of downtime in the shop when you should be out harvesting? For 3 generations we felt your pain, it was that pain that drove a dairy farmer to relentless innovation, and Horning Mfg was born. Today we are committed to innovating for maximum durability on every piece of equipment that bears our name. 

The desire to increase durability and reduce downtime produced a corn head without a number of the traditional pain points, while other susceptible parts were beefed up to endure the rigors of many harvest seasons. A simple, straightforward design was incorporated to get the job done with the minimum amount of moving parts, resulting in fewer repairs.

Gathering chains were removed, eliminating all the headaches that went with them. In their place are carbide-coated circular blades that make for a smooth rotary flow, mowing it down and flowing it through, at pedal to the metal speeds.

Who hasn’t felt the pressure to get the crop in, along with the frustration of downtime as you wait for specialty parts to arrive. We did, that is why we built a corn head with 90% of the drive-train parts readily available at your local hardware/parts store. Experience less frustration and downtime with a Horning 2-row row independent corn head.

It is a fact, running a machine for extended periods of time will wear things out. But you should not have to worry about the way your farm equipment was built or what it was made of. We believe in our product and want you to have that same confidence. That’s why we back it up with a one-year workmanship and materials warranty.

Innovating Nutritional Benefits

Horning Kernel Processor Kit For Harvester.

Horning is passionate about kernel processing scores and profitability for all players in the dairy food chain. Our kernel processor package embodies that passion. Built for KP optimization, durability, and ease of use, these units are money makers.

Horning Kernel Processing Kits are turnkey packages engineered for simple installation to make your job easier. Bolt it into place and it will look like it was born there. Everything fits and all the components are field-ready—hook up the belts and starting rolling. Forage season is short. Minutes are monumental. Clever engineering allows you to switch from corn to hay in minutes.

Maximizing Your ROI

We get it, by the time a Virginia farmer gets to harvest season, they have a significant investment riding on the harvest yield. We are here to help. Why not maximize your ROI with innovative harvest equipment to lower your costs, maximize your yield, and increase your nutritional value?

Inquire about our row-independent corn heads and kernel processor kits at your local Horning Dealer located in Dayton VA, Harrisonburg VA, or a farm equipment dealership near you.