Idaho Agriculture Overview

Beef and potatoes are the 2 commodities most people associate with agriculture in Idaho. Annual harvest records indicate Idaho grows more potatoes than any other region in the United States at 12 billion pounds, and raises over 2 million head of cattle each year.

However, Idaho also leads the nation in production of trout, while ranking second in barley and plums, and third in onions, sugarbeets and mint. Idaho is the fastest growing dairy state, and now ranks fifth in milk production and third in production of cheese.

Harvested Acres in 2021

Hay & Haylage - 1,320.000 acres, Potatoes - 314,500 acres, Wheat - 1,132,000 acres, Barley - 490,000 acres, Grain Corn - 120,000 acres, Silage Corn - 260,000 acres, Hops - 9,694 acres, Mint - 16,400 acres, Chick Peas - 78,600 acres, Peas – 28,000 acres, Safflower - 31,500 acres, Oats - 13,000 acres, Lentils - 18,000 acres, Sugarbeets - 170,000 acres

USDA reporting confirms Idaho farmers and ranchers are big players in the beef and dairy industry, while harvesting just over 2 million acres in grain crops. A significant portion of which will be used to facilitate the beef and dairy industry.

Many dairy farmers & cattle ranchers are taking measures to optimize their harvest yields for better nutritional value. For the most part this battle is won or lost during the harvest and processing of the crop. The processor rolls on harvesters are the focal point for maximizing nutritional value in feed.

Statistics provided by USDA

Maximize ROI With Horning Replacement Rolls

In today’s economy Idaho farmers, and ranchers need to get a good ROI year after year to survive. This is where Horning Mfg can help. We provide aftermarket replacement rolls for your grain processor to assure you are consistently getting optimum KPS numbers.

What are the factors that have the most impact on optimum KP scores? Whether you are a custom operator or harvesting your own grain, there are several key factors you need to pay attention to in order to maximize nutrition?

Kernel processing and processor rolls in particular play a big part in keeping you on top of your nutrition game, which ultimately results in better ROI.

3 Key Factors in Kernel Processing

Roll Condition

Roll condition is vital to optimizing nutritional value, even the best rolls money can buy wear down over time, resulting in lower KP scores. Using a roll to long is often times worse than choosing the wrong one for your application.

Tooth Spacing

Tooth spacing is the next critical factor in quality kernel processing. Running a tooth spacing combination of 4 grooves per inch on one roll and 4.5 grooves per inch on the other, is optimum for corn silage in the self propelled industry. For other grains visit our Kernel Processing page.

Tooth Style

The third critical factor in outstanding kernel processing is the style of the tooth. Tooth style contributes to quality kernel processing in 3 ways:

Groove patterns affect the way the forage crop mat feeds through between the rolls. This affects wear life, crop mat penetration and throughput capability.

Tooth shape, formed by the intersecting lines running horizontally and vertically across the roll, is key to the type of processing action. The shape and profile combination of the teeth have a huge bearing on how much ripping action happens, how the crop mat is penetrated and the wear pattern of the roll.

Tooth quantity configurations can be chosen for different fineness in processing for various applications.

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Superior Quality Kernel Processor Rolls

Horning replacement rolls are engineered overachievers and proven market leaders. Bringing you the most advanced, nutrition-optimized aftermarket kernel processor rolls for forage harvests of any scale.

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Maximizing Your Idaho Harvest ROI

Do you want more control over the nutritional value and cost of your feed? Are you interested in improving your ROI? Horning replacement rolls for your kernel processor can help you get there.

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