Engineered overachievers. Proven market leaders. Horning forage processing rolls are flat-out top performers. Advanced, nutrition-optimized aftermarket kernel processors for forage harvests of any scale. Impressive mill solutions. You’ll smile all the way to the barn (and the bank).

Designed to fit John Deere®, Krone®, New Holland®, Claas®, Scherer®, and Shredlage® machines

Fibertech Chevron Roll

The chevron design on this kernel processor roll raises the standard of efficiency, innovation, and productivity. This patented Horning silage processing roll unwraps cellulose for maximum digestibility and shreds at a higher volume with less machine wear than a traditional sawtooth roll.

Dual-Cut Roll

An upgrade from the Sawtooth, the Dual-cut corn silage processor rolls give newer, larger machines the extra capacity they need to run at peak efficiency.

Sawtooth Roll

Sawtooth kernel processor rolls with hooked teeth expertly and efficiently shred kernels. Run these aftermarket kernel processor rolls on your older chopper to get the best value from your harvest.

Straight Tooth Roll

This original crimping-style roller is still the best option for some uses. Some roller mills, milo and sorghum whole plant processors require a Straight Tooth roll. The Straight Tooth kernel processor rolls comes with the same exceptional engineering and performance as the other Horning rolls.

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