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As an authorized dealer, we carry the full line up of the Horning Mfg. family of quality corn harvesting products including 2 row and 3 row rotary row independent cornheads, complete kernel processor kits for pull-type machines and replacement rolls to fit pull-type processors such as New Holland, John Deere, Gehl and Dion. Each Horning line is engineered for its specific use to bring you best possible value. Replacement kernel processor rolls from are available in industry leading Fibertech or high-capacity sawtooth designs. They will fit many brands including Krone, New Holland , John Deere and Claas. Horning’s stationary electric rollermill is available in three models for small to mid sized operations, grinding approximately 40 lbs. of corn per minute – that’s up to 800 bushels an hour! It is available with several tooth configurations - for course corn cracking to small grains and can be purchased with a bagger for high-moisture corn. Ready to get cracking? Contact us now and we’ll help you match the correct product for your application.

Enjoy a no-nonsense harvest! Outfit your pull type forage harvester with a dependable Horning rotary corn head. 15” rows, twin rows, 38” wide rows, 20” rows and 30” rows to name a few. This 2 row corn head cuts a 58” swath no matter the direction or spacing. It will be delivered with the mount kit of your choice to fit select models of New Holland, John Deere, Gehl and Dion harvesters.

Slice through a variety of crops and keep your harvest moving with our tough, reliable corn head. Configure it to harvest your 15” rows, twin rows, 38” wide rows, 20” rows and 30” rows to name a few. This 3 row corn head cuts an 88” swath no matter the direction or spacing. Comes with the mount of your choice to fit many brands of pull type forage harvesters including New Holland, John Deere, Gehl and Dion.

Let’s get cracking! Horning’s electric corn cracker gives you maximum efficiency in space and power. Horning electric roller mills are available in three sizes with multiple motor options 1ph and 3ph. Enjoy reliable, easy-adjustable, and customizable roll configurations fine-tuned to your application. Get more out of your roller mill with Horning replacement mill rolls.

At the head of the pack in processing technology, Horning is passionate about kernel processing scores and profitability for all players in the dairy food chain. Our kernel processor package embodies that passion. Built for optimization, durability, and ease of use, our kernel processors are money makers. Quality corn silage is our goal. We offer kits for pull type forage harvesters to fit John Deere, New Holland & more.

The sawtooth design was an enhancement to the original straight-tooth design. It adds a tearing action instead of smashing.

Superior crop mat penetration compared to competing sawtooth options.

Power efficient.

Can be used on older, lower-power machines.

Process kernels in one dimension.

Less stalk processing than grooved designs.

Less strain on your machine.

Runs in speed differentials ranging from 20-40%

Horning’s patented design leading the industry in kernel processsing effectiveness.

Superior crop mat penetration at any chop length.

Most intense kernel processing design on the market.

Utilizes hi-capacity sawtooth profile for standard forage processing applications.

Process kernels in multiple dimension, tearing while shearing sideways with the groove pattern.

Less strain on your machine. End strain comes from a single direction groove pattern designs in competing brands.

Runs in speed differentials ranging from 30-50%.

Crop mat feed-through is efficient, allowing maximum performance at a minimum of wear

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